15/6/22 The temperature is perfect

This night is warmer than other nights that I’ve experienced during this winter. My parents didn’t turn on the air conditioner for heating. I sure don’t miss summer, even though summer is inevitable.

I remember playing Eschalon book 2 during last winter. It was so great to walk through the hellice region on the game during winter, it really set the tone for how cold things are in the hellice region on the game. Hellice as in ‘hell-ice.’

I always imagined hell to be too hot, but it can simultaneously be too hot and too cold at the same time. It would definitely be pretty uncomfortable. That’s why I give to charity, as I believe almsgiving atones for sins.

I didn’t give alms to the druggy at the shopping mall who was asking for money. I thought he would buy drugs. So I didn’t extend alms to him. I better give some money to charity. God bless other people.

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