Central heating

My parents turned on the air conditioner. For heating! I mean, isn’t an air conditioner meant to cool the place down during the heat of summer? I always have my air conditioner on for cooling during the hot months, which last from about October to April in my city. I never turn on the air conditioner in my bedroom for heating during winter. I just put on more blankets.

But yeah, I am pretty cringe. I try to talk, when I’m not full of stuff that people want to know about. Death and eternal life? Nah, not for me. Eternity of torment? Who cares? That’s what people of the world say.

If people took the admonitions of the Lord Jesus Christ seriously, imagine how many people would be afraid of hell today! How many people would live life in fear of God! But everybody treats hell as fallacies and paper lanterns, until they die, of course. Then the pain and torment starts…


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