My former diary posts

I’m not sure whether I will do anymore diary entries. They should be something I should write a book about. Not that anybody would read it. Nobody wants to hear the struggles of an ailing schizophrenic. They want to hear great testimonies of people who have won in the game of life.

Well, I certainly am not winning in life. I don’t even go to university. I do something everyday, but at least 33% of my time is unoccupied. So I don’t fill in time well.

I find that even though I think of myself as humble, I really am not. But maybe compared to some people, I am humble. There are degrees of perfection, and there are degrees of sin. There are degrees of strength of faith too.

Concerning faith; James 2:17: faith without works is dead. In the context of how many miracles the apostles were performing, James did not mean that an empty, intellectual agreement with the fact that Jesus rose from the dead; which modern protestants term as ‘faith’; is at any way going to save anybody. He meant a faith that performs miracles, a faith that moves mountains, a faith that isn’t empty, and a faith that has a lot of works of faith is the faith that saves us from eternal damnation.

So listen here, protestants. James Chapter 2 defeats the heresy of justification by faith alone. So if you have a mere intellectual faith that Jesus lived and rose from the dead, it will not save you. So get off your big butt and do some good deeds!


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