A potential food crisis

I looked at the news as I opened my browser. According to the news, due to the war in Ukraine, food shortages and fuel price hikes will become common globally. Already fuel is about over 2 dollars a litre here!

Russia is a mass producer of wheat, and due to sanctions, the rest of the world can’t benefit from Russia’s wheat. Also, India had a failed harvest last summer, due to temperatures reaching 43 degrees Celsius. I probably haven’t got my facts straight, but it looks like the world is in for trouble.

We are being punished worldwide for our sins! Nobody who socially rejected or ostracised me has ever apologised to me, so they also cause a lot of spiritual negativity that is coming into effect now. My former high school never apologised for expelling me due to my disability, and look what happened to everybody! Punishment, both in this life, and the next!

I pray a lot of people who have offended me may say sorry to me. That is the only way they will come out of hell. I pray they may free themselves from hell, God have mercy on us all.


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