After my depot 2/6/22

God bless all those people who like my blog. I try not to say anything that may be considered offensive. I try to speak with humility, and to be politically correct at all times. Forgive me if I have offended you, dear reader.

I just saw on the news: an 18 yo man was stabbed to death by 10 teenagers outside a bar in Northumbria. I don’t even know where that is! This news is horrific, as it reminds me of my own mortality. I’ll probably get stabbed, too! My sins need punishment. Lord, have mercy on me.

I can’t imagine just stabbing somebody for no reason. Fancy that! Why would anybody do that? They all got charged with murder, but they don’t understand how serious the crime is. That young life they took can never come back. No one has returned from the dead in recent times. No Jesuses exist today.

I just hope I’m not stabbed in my own suburb at night. I don’t want the computer games I play to become reality! I pray you all may be safe too, my readers.


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