A cool night 22/05/22

Today is a cool night. I get offers on discounts by email from GOG games. I enjoy playing the games I already own, without spending heaps of money on new games. Life is good.

I just played some free games from the play store. I enjoy waiting before something happens in the game, like a bunch of units were produced, or research was completed. I have other things to occupy me. Life is good.

I know I am lazy, but I am pretty disciplined for the severity of my schizophrenia. I choose the right treatments when I am psychotic, ie. I get both shock therapy and a high dose of medications. I just endure the illness, without attempting suicide. Life is good.

Sometimes I get angry with God. Sometimes I wish there were more to life. But God has made things safe for me. He also has guarded my eternal future, by giving me the struggle of schizophrenia. I am thankful to God for my schizophrenia. Life is good.

But I don’t really believe in travelling to other countries. I need to stay close to my parents or to somebody I can trust, such as a support group. I sometimes am lonely. I thank God for my loneliness. Life is good.

Life is, despite the flaws and trials, ultimately good.


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