I wish I had a title

My cousin and her family are over my place. They are a little loud, as my cousin’s children are very young.

We fed them pizza. They enjoyed the pizza. Gosh my sentences are short.

I wish I had a topic or a title today. I had no dreams last night that I remember or recall. So I received no divine insight or revelation.

When I encounter children, I really am thankful that I didn’t marry or have kids. Marriage and raising a family is just too stressful.

I miss the gift of the Holy Spirit. I mean, I miss when I had self-controlled mania. The last time I had that was in 2005. I lost my mind in February 2006. I personally wished my mania would never of ended. I thought of myself as ‘single for the sake of pleasing God.’ Now I realise I’m too ill to marry.

I miss my soul. I have an idea of what will happen to my soul after death. As Jesus said ‘be ye perfect, as your Father in heaven is perfect.’ I am not perfect. I can not love my enemies. But I’m getting better, with mindfulness meditation.


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