It is all my fault

I have been taught again and again by God not to exalt myself above others or God Himself, yet I never learn. God has now punished me with a pilonidal sinus, during the worst part of the year, where we, as a nation, go to the polls on May 21st. I can’t specifically remember the date, so bear with me.

Fortunately, early voting starts on May 9th, so hopefully tomorrow I’ll just go to the early voting to get it out of the way, as I had a panic attack last night. I had a dream last night that I was never going to find another girlfriend and I especially needed a wife who was a nurse or a doctor to be able to fix me when I’m feeling sick ie. having a pilonidal sinus.

I won’t define a pilonidal sinus for you, it is so gross, if you need to know, look it up on Wikipedia. You can only handle it if you are a medical professional. I’m the one with it, and I can barely handle it, even though it is not painful. It is just as bad as when Kryton from Red Dwarf finds out that all human males have a small third leg (unless somebody cut it off, like an ex gf LOL.) I am like a comedian sometimes.

But God is punishing me now, as I never respected everybody that I ever knew. I should have warm, cuddly feelings for everybody, even the men and women who have scorned me in the past. Doesn’t mean I should reach out to them, it just means I should always bless them in private. As God said ‘Love your enemies, love your neighbour as yourself.’

Lord! Have mercy!


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