I can’t move…

Look at me! I’m so strong yet so weak! I can’t carry anything more except my spartan armor that I spent 10 000 coins on to purchase!

Honestly, it is ok if you have light armor. That’s right, light. Emphasis on the word ‘light’. As in ‘not heavy.’ See, in a suit of heavy armor, your character can’t carry the armor while walking for kilometres in the land of Eschalon. Where’s the truck?

In the games terms, 10 000 gold coins is A LOT OF MONEY. Like, I probably played this playthrough for a total of 20 hours before I could afford armor that would prevent the high level opponents from hitting me every single time and doing damage. You run out of hit points, game over man.

Although the game is low quality, I play it anyway, because I can’t afford to spend real cash on decent games. LOL


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