Another dreary Saturday

Today was an ok day. It wasn’t as bad as other days I’ve experienced. I went to church tonight for about 20 minutes, but went home when I noticed I smelt like urine. I suffer from urinary dribble. It’s probably because I’m too fat and drink too much coffee.

I have to change my pants every 2 days, because by the end of 2 days, they smell bad enough for me to notice. I’ve had problems with hygiene before as a schizophrenic. Especially on hot days where I’ve worn my clothes for 2 days. Man, I’m realising that I’m very disgusting.

One day, I got picked up from the busway from my Japanese class by my parents. They said ‘you really stink!’ I must of worn my clothes for 3 days during the early autumn. Sloppiness of dress is a symptom of schizophrenia.

Girls like guys who smell nice. That’s why I always take the highest dose of medication.

I am a slob, because I don’t go out and buy new clothes. I let my mum take me when she says that my clothes have faded.

I haven’t been able to find black pants my size at the shopping centre. I get black pants because they don’t show the urine stains so much. The last pants my mum got me to buy had the button at the front broken after a night out at social tennis. I also need pants with belt loops, as I’ve become too fat for non-belt loop pants.

Apart from that, my friend came over. We talked about nothing interesting. I probably stank to him. Then I remembered I’m due for my depot in 6 days. So my appetite is already decreasing.

I’m grateful for my medication. They give a nice chemical castrative effect. I’m a low value man, so it is good I keep my hands and feet to myself. On this dose of medication, I don’t want to disturb any women. God bless high quality men and women.


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