YouTube success (lack of)

I was looking up amateur youtubers that I’m subscribed to. Based on how many total views they had, I’d deduce the more good looking the youtuber, the more views they’d get. Boy, sex sells.

This is a video of me before I gained too much weight. I might of been 117kg in this video instead of 123kg. Boy am I fat.

As I was perusing youtubers who were my friends, I found out some statistics. I, as an unattractive male, got 1 500 total views. The least lovely lady got 9 000 views. The next ranked lady got 30 000 views. The best looking lady got 1 600 000 views. Maybe I should get liposuction and a sex change LOL.

Here’s to all my friends who are incels or voluntary celibates and ugly.


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