My website may be closing soon

I didn’t want to renew my subscription to WordPress, as my blog wasn’t getting noticed. I think I will lose my premium membership in May or June, can’t remember which month.

As much as I’ve enjoyed writing blogs, I believe my writings have no value to the community, as I haven’t really lived my life at all.

I try to live an Orthodox life, as a form of Christian Bushido. Bushido is a Japanese concept, where the samurai would choose to die, whenever there was a choice between saving his life by submitting to the enemy, or dying to defend his Lord. I would choose death whenever I came to that point, as I am effectively useless to society. So I would choose euthanasia over life. Or, if I was in a concentration camp where I was overworked and overtired, I’d jump off a cliff, if one was nearby.

Life is too nightmarish. I’ve been trying to improve my fitness, for that day when Australia or a power that occupies Australia would send me to a concentration camp, because I’m a burden on society. Maybe the fitter I am, mentally and physically, the longer I’d survive in a concentration camp.

God have mercy on us all!


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