The glorious police service

I wonder why anybody likes anyone of my posts. I’m a boring guy really. Anyway, to the topic of this blog.

As much as I hate police officers because of their courage, toughness and bravery, they do a good job compared to other countries. I would not like to encounter a Russian, Chinese or North Korean cop. And certainly not a cop in Saudi or Africa! My former support worker says that the cops in Africa are well trained, especially to deal with pirates.

A cop in North Korea would shoot me, not because I’m religious, but because I’m a mentally ill person. Russians and Chinese are pretty tough too. North Koreans have been doing hapkido most of their time in the military. So it’s definitely a jungle out there, where anybody can kill me!

Me and my dad often make jokes at my expense of me getting shot or tazered by police, and me being carted off to mental health jail. It might happen, if I go completely off my medication, because there will be nothing suppressing the anti-social, hysterical tendencies.

I started martial arts to be able to be tough on bully cops, I did cadets to suicide in battle. But when the mania ran out, I found out that I was pusillanimous. So I quit both. I haven’t done cadets since 2006 and haven’t done martial arts since 2018. Because I’m a sook, that’s why.

I don’t like the police, because I feel they do a bad job. They shoot first, and ask questions later. I said to the priest ‘The QPS (Queensland Police Service) is like Centrelink and the mental health system, they don’t do a good job.’ But those services are much better than other countries.

In China and Philippines, there is no disability support pension. It is really hard to get disability support in America. In Philippines, the pension age is 60. In China and Russia, you get chicken feed for an old age pension.


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