More thoughts on humility

Now, if you are rotting at home on disability benefits, it may be important to have some sense of humility to endure social rejection. I myself, most of all, am enduring social rejection, because of my schizophrenia. Of course, even though I am humble beyond all, I still get the occasional slur or insult from others.

Just because a person is humble, doesn’t mean God will glorify them in this life. It means my reward will be paid in full in the next. Life is a nightmare. People are more evil than they think. But still, I endure dishonour heartily.

The world needs a great reset. Every person is punished for his or her sins, and each saint is rewarded for his or her humility and other virtues.

God bless my enemies. They make me wonder why God is keeping me alive, rather than praising God with the angels.

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