A dream about hell

Last night, I had a dream about what hell is like. In the dream, it depicted hell as falling down a hole, getting bones crushed as the souls hit rocks on the way down, and at the bottom was lava, and the souls there would cry out to God ‘Lord, have mercy!’ and when they did, they’d be taken back to the top of the hole, only to fall down it again and again unto infinitum.

I think I had other dreams during the night too, but this is the one I remember. Hell was not dark, it was bright, just getting bones crushed and skin set on fire. Maybe the real hell is a lot worse, according to Orthodox literature.

I probably had this dream because, as much as I think myself righteous, I really am not, so I set my eternity ablaze with torment for myself. Oh well, I don’t think there is anything I can do.

I think, even if I spent several eternities in hell, my repentance would not be sincere. I think a lot of souls would still blame God for the trials they had in life and in hell, and if they were let out, they’d be like demons, rather than repentant souls.


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