For now, I like Eschalon, Book II

I believe this game, called ‘Eschalon: Book II’ is what you call an MMORPG game. RPG means role-playing game. Maybe it is just an RPG game. I think MMORPG is a multiplayer game, but Eschalon series are single player.

I prefer Eschalon 2 to Eschalon 1. I haven’t played Eschalon: Book III. In Book I, after the 2nd character level, noximanders begin spawning during random encounters. They wouldn’t be such a problem if they didn’t poison your character for about 300 turns. 300 turns equates to roughly 50 hit points of damage over the space of 300 turns, or roughly 3 minutes, depending on how fast you play.

Fortunately, in Book II, the noximanders stronger cousin, the devilmander, come quite a bit later in the game. The silver lizards in the middle of the screen are devilmanders, who not only are good at hitting you with bites, but they have a chance to poison you as well, so if your character has low hit points from fighting a devilmander, their venom can kill you afterwards.

I’m doing a lot better this time than my previous Eschalon 2 post. I am at level 11 here, and I earn experience from random encounters, in between battles with devilmanders and goliath boreheads. Goliath boreheads are giant dung beetles with heavy armor that makes them notoriously difficult to damage.

Anyway, I enjoy this game, and I usually play it until midnight, then I try to fall asleep.


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