Diary entries 20/5/21 to 13/6/21


I’m surprised how cool it is getting. It really is shifting into winter in the southern hemisphere. I do not value diary writing at this time, but I suppose it has improved my handwriting.


I went to the Greek Orthodox Church 2 days in a row. Although my anxiety has largely subsided, I am still not inclined to live my life.

I do not think I’ll be able to speak Chinese, Japanese, or Korean to an elite degree. My English is limited by my autism spectrum disorder.


I was listening to Eckhart Tolle give an account of his awakening experience. The divine liturgy chants ‘every good act and every perfect gift is from above.’ Where did Eckhart get his enlightenment from? He was never baptised in the Orthodox Church, so he never went to confession, so he never would of taken holy communion.

Something is very fishy about Tolle. Although he is at peace, I register it as a false peace, a certain amount of smugness. Guess he has his millions of dollars…


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