Diary entries 7/4/21 to 16/4/21

These have been edited to avoid naming people or places, and to minimise personal or inappropriate content.


Life, at this point, is still a nightmare. My dad is taking me for my depot injection of anti-psychotic medication. I wish I could cope without medication, but I’m not strong enough.


It is nearly half way through autumn. It is noticeably cooler than summer. I really miss grandma. But I know she had to go, as she was getting more frail.

I sinned by not going to the funeral of my late grandma. But nobody, who I’ve observed, takes Jesus seriously. The fire, Gehenna, how could we not silence ourselves and turn towards Jesus! It’s silly not to fear God! It’s silly to sin!

I don’t believe in justification by faith alone, no matter how much my relative’s friends support it.


This was a silly day today. I laughed at my imagination out loud I must confess. I really am insane. The medication doesn’t seem to be working fully.

Some kid nearly stuffed the library toilet with paper. Luckily the flush was more powerful. Damn kids.

I’m currently reading the poetic works of Henry Lawson. He must of been related to a person I knew from high school.


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