Diary entries 2/4/21 to 6/4/21

I haven’t been writing diary entries for a while. I suppose it is a mild update on my life.


I believe my heart rate is too fast because I have too much anxiety. God bless my enemies. Today is good Friday for Catholicism. God bless those who insult me.


Man, I seem to be forgetting what year it is. This is the year after the apocalypse of COVID. A simple flu, costing the world economy billions of dollars. And I have no way of helping the Australian Government get back on its feet!

Centrelink has done quite a bit for me, after the support of my parents. I can’t even live my life worthily for the God who died for me, Jesus Christ! I regret every consuming titanic amounts of resources. Maybe the government will torture and put me away. Then God will condemn me. He is just to do so. Amen.


Well, it is getting cooler. My cat Dante hopped on my bed while I was writing this diary entry. He must feel cold. Hope he feels as blessed by my presence as I do by his.

My support worker will come over. I wonder what we will do today.


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