Day after Boxing Day

I just had a wonderful time playing empire earth 1. It is a fun game, if you like old classics.

My boxing day was uneventful. Got to pat my uncle’s dog, which kept jumping up on its hind legs to receive a pat. Beautiful dog.

I guess I am pretty bored. I do not know where to go in life.

I try to do exercise everyday, at least stretches and qi gong. But otherwise, I’m an ambitionless person.

I suppose I do not even get around to writing diary entries. My life has nothing radical about it. It’s not like I’m a philosopher selling books.

My main attribute is passive gentleness, which is not practical for this world. I certainly can restrain my anger while on medication. But otherwise, it gets bottled up until it gets expressed. Maybe I can meditate my anger away.

Omicron variant is raging in this city. I hope the vaccine does protect against it. If not, then quarantine for me! I suppose 7 days at home would be like a mandatory detention.


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