Boxing day blog

Now, it is true, I do not do a very professional blog. I did cancel my 10 dollar a month subscription, as I didn’t generate enough of a following. What person could possibly be interested in an unremarkable guy who can only do 10 half push ups?

I have no idea what I am doing. Theology? Maybe I got a little knowledge on Orthodox theology, or maybe that is my pride talking. Sure wish I had enough skills to have a job.

I would say ‘faith without works is dead,’ as said in James 2:17. This is the reason I do not believe in Justification by faith alone. I would call it a heresy, along with the heresy of charismatic speaking in tongues and the theory of evolution.

But it wouldn’t matter, as I have no way to verify what God thinks. I just put forth what I’ve been told by the Old Calendar movement among the Orthodox. I have no idea what God is or is like, all I know that I’ve experienced both heaven and hell in my own body, with my thought processes. Sometimes I am disciplined, maybe manic, so I experience heaven; most times I am depressed, so I experience hell.

I would wish I could hold onto heaven or a concept of wellness for longer while on earth. Maybe the reward is all stored up for me in heaven. But as one of the Saints said ‘how can I know whether I’ve pleased God or not?’ This is what greatly troubles me.

As I cry out with Job, ‘when is my day of reckoning? When will God release me from this burden? When do I stop depending on medication?’ I suppose these are questions from my sinful human nature, which doesn’t look at things from a transcendent perspective.

Sure hope everybody else’s boxing day is superb…


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