It’s Christmas!

It’s afternoon here in Australia, and the weather is warm. We are in summer now, but fortunately, there is a cloud cover and it isn’t too hot.

Wishing every one of those who see my blog a merry Christmas and a happy new year!

I went to a church service last night on Christmas Eve. It was hell for me, as I’m not used to meeting a lot of new people. Fortunately I concealed the fact that I’m schizophrenic by saying ‘I’m an artist,’ in response to the question ‘What do you do?’

I suppose it is pretty dismal, given the fact that I’m moderately obese at 118.2kg, so I will not easily attract young women’s attention. But I thought a young woman in a relationship looked at me during the service. The attention was nice, although fleeting.

I think celibacy is the way forward for me. I am kept safe in my parent’s home. I really wish I had the ability to be more brave in life, but I guess safety is a worthy commodity.

Somehow, if it weren’t for all my comforts; air con, food, soft drink, coffee; I’d be moderately depressed on Christmas Day.


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