I think I’m androgynous

When is a man not a man? When he is pumped so full of anti-psychotics that he produces more oestrogen than testosterone. It’s a wonderful feeling! I recommend it!

Just kidding. It helps with celibacy, if that’s what you are going for. I hope to abstain from marriage for as long as I live, unless I become a priest or other full-time worker. Or my mental illness is cured.

Redpill Chris on YouTube said the reason why I like an older woman. It is because I’m not manly and want a mum. Only Chads want beautiful young women. I’m not a chad. I’m a soyboy and a simp. I’m also a coomer.

So yeah, I’m not manly. I guess it helps with celibacy as well, as I don’t have the confidence to ask out women. So I die alone, like Saul first king of Israel.

God bless the other soyboys out there!


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