Cancelled my plan

I chose to cancel my paid website, as I wasn’t generating any money on advertising.

Nobody really cared about my blog much anyway, and I never had nothing much to say.

Humility? If I am humble, people look at me as though I’m really sick. My friends ignore the fact I’m humble, and question whether I see things as they really are.

I will take my message of humility elsewhere. From the lake of fire, you will all remember my words ‘as Satan was bound and cast out of heaven due to his pride, so to of entered paradise, YOU SHOULD OF HAD HUMILITY.’

Humility is not self-deprecation. It’s not what the priests of the Orthodox church in my city have. It means where you endure every dishonour from others and from illness as coming from the hand of God, to lead you to repentance.

As I said in my thoughts, Australia should stop stuffing up, but the majority of people, whether in the church or not, have blasphemed against the Holy Ghost. I am all alone, I fear for this generation once I get taken to heaven. Why do I still have to be here? LORD HAVE MERCY!


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