Life update 13/11/21

Well, my computer room certainly looks nicer. My parents have been going through it to tidy it up. I think they are tidying it up in preparation for the Christmas celebrations, where the family will come to my house.

I suppose it is a festive season, where I can practise more humility. Whenever somebody insults me or puts me down, it is an opportunity to practise humility. As one of the ascetics said ‘as Satan was bound and cast out from heaven for his pride, so to re enter paradise we must have humility.’

Humility is an angelic virtue. I would say I can certainly express it online, in limited amounts. But there are other ways people humble me. Apart from insulting me, they humble me by ignoring me, by shunning me, by excluding me, etc. This is a great opportunity for humility and love of neighbour, particularly love of enemies.

Indeed, I don’t get much attention at church, possibly because I am clinically obese and overweight and not handsome.

Here is a YouTube video of me talking from my dark lair. I prefer nobody see my face! I never got the opportunity to lose fat around my cheeks.

It teaches you some Russian language too!

God bless you all.


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