Talking to new people

I use a dating app to communicate with new people. Apparently, I’m only allowed to initiate new conversation with another person twice every 24 hours. So I don’t get much opportunity to make new friends. Thank God I don’t have to pay for that app.

I might terminate my paid subscription to WordPress by next year. I’m simply not getting enough advertising. I make zero advertising revenue. Nobody much cares about my blog. Oh well.

Apart from that, a new support worker came over. He told me that not everybody despises me, particularly young women. I’m getting over the hill when it comes to dating. I should accept mandatory celibacy, as nobody wants me, once they hear my life story.

Oh well. Nothing I can do. Hope this short post enlightens the reader as to my circumstances. Read the other posts on this blog to find out about my condition. My mind isn’t full of faeces altogether….


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