I apologise to all females I’ve ever asked out

I wouldn’t call myself an Incel, because I looked up that on wikipedia. It means ‘involutary celibate’. But when I read more in the wikipedia article, it said Incel was a form of misogynistic terrorism! I am not a terrorist, or at least, I hope not, if the police ask me if I’m a terrorist, then I will say ‘Yes! It’s all true! Lock me up, as I’m too hideous for society!’

I really don’t have the humility to realise I’m disabled, autistic and fat, so therefore I shouldn’t try to ask out women. Fortunately, I haven’t asked out women for years, or at least I hope I haven’t. Cheers to involuntary celibacy, or in my cases, celibacy for the sake of not inconveniencing women! God bless feminism!

I like to apologize to all the women I’ve ever had the nerve to ask out. I looked at this video. Man, am I ugly. Again, apologies. I shall practice voluntary celibacy from now on. God bless!


2 Replies to “I apologise to all females I’ve ever asked out”

  1. This made me want to cry. But all I can say take it to the Lord in prayer. I understand you because I know how much we people with conditions relating to mental health don’t want to inconvenience others. But we also need their love and support. I should say mainly make friends .Let them get to know you,to understand you .To love for who you are. Then maybe you can see if you can take things further. It is so sad that when some people find out the flaws others have ,they don’t want to know anymore.But those who truly love you will love you for who you are,they will even love your flaws more

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