Lockdown 2/8/21

Are my sins so great, that all of south-east Queensland must suffer? I have no justification for my sins. I do not know how I will get through the final toll-houses in the ascent of the soul to heaven. I ask God to have mercy on me, and on all those whom I pray for.

This would be the 3rd day of lockdown. Our governor decided to have an extension of this lockdown to contain the delta variant.

I really wish my prayers would be an offering acceptable to God. But my works are not enough. I’m begging God to have mercy on me, and on all those I know. But it is not enough, because I am vainglorious, and an angry person at heart.

I am praying that there be a little mercy shown to the Australian people. But I am not as St Paisios or St Porphyrios. I am an outcast from the kingdom.

Lord, be kind to us, particularly to the souls in hell!


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