Diary Entries 26/02/21 to 07/03/21

I didn’t write diary entries for every day of the year, so some dates are missing. I was very lazy at making diary entries in my journal.


I went to English conversation group on Friday and sold 1 book. I also watched a video on YouTube about ways to raise your vibration. This includes not hanging out with low vibe people, eating healthily, dancing, and practising gratitude.


When I wrote down the date for this diary entry, I was trying to figure out whether it was 2020 or 2021. I guess I started this diary writing at my support worker’s suggestion as a guide to myself.

I had art therapy today, where I did grouting. It was quite hard, and I did not do it well. I did social tennis in the evening, where I got very tired.


Well, today was a beautiful day. I can imagine myself to be like a master by the time I’m old with lots of years of meditation under my belt.

I managed to enjoy the start of fall in Australia. The lowering of temperature is nice. Still, I miss the camps I went on back in 2005, when the world was cooler, when I was younger, when I was thinner…


There were disgruntled kids on the bus today. What I wouldn’t give for a badass attitude. What I wouldn’t give for a few hundred thousand dollars in my bank account. What I wouldn’t give to be a tough guy who commands respect from all. So much for all the discipline I got from cadets…


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