First day of lockdown 30/06/21

God bless the Commonwealth of Australia, and to our premier for doing such a great job. I for one have a positive opinion of our government. I have no qualms with the Australian government, just I wish there was an option for schizophrenics apart from long term medicating and Assisted Treatment. I only care because I myself am a schizophrenic.

Under the Australian government, we are given numerous benefits. I get a Disability Pension due to me not being able to work due to my schizophrenia. We don’t have military checkpoints like in North Korea. And even during lockdown, I’m allowed to exercise in my local area. And also, there is an option for better health care, since I can afford to pay private health cover.

I just hope Australia continues to remain democratic, despite what the Old Calendarists of the Orthodox church stipulate.. They theorise that all the governments will bow to the reign of the Anti Christ in a few decades. I sure do not want to live to see that day!

So for now, the Commonwealth of Australia is not the Australian Soviet Socialist Republic. I guess in death, it won’t matter. The good I have done will count against my bad deeds in the fearsome judgement of Christ of my soul. God bless everybody in Brisbane.


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