Labour Day 2021

I can’t believe I’m still alive. I swore I’d die before I was 18 years old, but I lived to 31 years old. I swore to myself like that because I was severely mentally ill, and I didn’t receive shock therapy yet. Shock therapy really helped my treatment-resistant psychosis.

Anyway, today was labour day, so I decided to try using public transport, to see how frequently the buses ran on a public holiday. Practically nobody was on the buses going into the city.

Anyway, I got out and had a walk around kangaroo point cliffs. I always wanted to own a home there, to always be able to look out upon the Brisbane city river. That dream will most likely never come to pass, but while I was there, I managed to take a few photos of the river and sent them to my mom.

While I was there, I did something brave. There was an Asian couple sitting across from me at Kangaroo Point. I could hear what they were saying. They were speaking Japanese! I had learnt that language at high school. So I, being socially awkward, once I got the courage to speak to them, I asked them if they liked music, because there was a loud concert going on across the river. The lady answered and said ‘yes, I do.’ Then I said, ‘which city are you from in Japan?’ She said ‘Yokohama.’ I said ‘What is your name?’ She said ‘Aya.’ Then there was a silence, they began speaking to each other, so I walked off.

The Japanese, if you are language buffs, goes something like this.  僕は’音楽が好きですか?’と言いました。 あやは’はい’と言いました。 僕は’日本ではどんな町から来ましたか。’と言いました。 あやは’横浜。’と言いました。 僕は’お名前は何ですか、’と言いました。 あやは’あやです。’

I commended myself for being brave enough to talk to a stranger, as I remember when I talked to too many strangers 10 years ago when I was mentally unwell, and I was ashamed of my behaviour.

Anyway, I’m not good at finding topics to talk about. Better luck next time for me.

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