I am a people pleaser

I hear people hypocritically say that ‘they don’t care what others think.’ When I said this to a friend from the mental health clinic, I said ‘You must care what others think, or else the police will come and beat you up.’

If I didn’t care what others thought, I’d have no reason for feigned morality. If I started hitting people for offending me, then the police will beat me up and put me in mental health jail with no intention of release!

So definitely, you MUST care what others think, particularly if you are a hypocrite or a bad person, which is 99% of the people in the world today. The book of James says ‘if a person bridles his tongue, then he is a perfect man, able to control his own body.’

I’d be perfect if I could forgive and if I wasn’t so vainglorious, which means I’m a lover of people’s praise. For me, I can’t get enough of people’s approval. And I can not forgive others for never apologizing.

Pray for me.

God bless the world

I pray for the end to the war in Ukraine. I pray that China doesn’t invade Taiwan.

I had a really positive day today. My friend let me help others at her op shop. I felt grateful to make friends with new people.

I am a limited extrovert. I am not so extroverted as when I’m sick, but I can socialise nonetheless. Not so much at church, but I value friendship anywhere.

I pray there will not be a third world war. I pray for religious cooperation between faiths. I pray for the salvation of the souls of my enemies.

God bless the world

I can’t stretch

I can not get my butt to the floor with side splits or front splits. I am very inflexible. It may be due to my weight, but even when I was skinny, I wasn’t flexible.

I can do a front kick at hip height. I’m not really outstanding.

My former karate master said ‘Do stretching 4 times a week or more to become more flexible.’ I guess I’m just too lazy.

I apologize for not getting off my butt and working. I can barely stand for 15 minutes before my calves and ankles start to burn. I have very poor tolerance for pain.


I must admit, I’ve met a lot of pretentious Christians in my time, both protestant and Orthodox.

I must admit, I wish they’d stop it.

Everybody eventually gets punished by God in according to the degree of their sins. Shakira might go to jail for tax evasion. Such a shame.

Everybody gets punished by God, whether in this life, or the next.

God bless you all, that you may be found righteous at the great white throne judgement!

God bless

I suppose ‘God bless’ is a general form of blessing. Some atheists don’t like it. Others dismiss it.

It is sad when a society hates God so much that it can’t bear the mention of God’s name. God is the source of all morals and good. Why do we all act with such pretense?

People have to learn to distinguish between God Himself and hypocrites. God is all good. It’s just the church that gives a bad name to God.

I apologize for the Orthodox church’s sins. I apologize for them placing themselves on a pedestal, while not reaching out to the distressed and lonely. I pray you forgive them.

I pray you forgive me and the church I represent.

Forgive the world, Oh Lord

Have mercy on us, Oh Lord, you who take pleasure in mankind.

Yes, we testify that our sins have put us far from you, but your mercy is greater.

Your justice is not active yet, the gate of mercy closes still,

Open the door! Oh Lord! on us unworthy sinners!

I can piano

I got the name of the song wrong, it is ‘andantino’ not ‘adantino’. I apologize for that.

I can sort of play the piano. I don’t practice often though, as I do not practice martial arts much either.

I have been falling behind in my qi gong as well. This is mostly because I am tired from going out during the day.

I went to the barber to cut my hair. Now I look like military personnel. But it’s ok. I still have Jesus (to a degree). This video was made before I cut my hair.

Old age

I am advancing in years. I certainly wish I could prolong my life. But whatever for? All that I want is in heaven with God. Why prolong my agony any longer?

I wish all the best for everybody who reads my blog. I wish you all health, wealth, and success.

Life is a nightmare. With widespread violence, love is dwindling as well.

I wish the Holy Spirit would come back to warm up the world.

I thank my friend for coming over today to celebrate a mini divine liturgy. God bless you.

Love the world

Be in the world but not of the world.

Welcome to my blog. I’m a schizophrenic on a pension living in Australia.

So far, life has had its ups and downs, but I am not dead yet. I still got time to improve my character.

I meet people sometimes at the library. While I receive mixed responses from them, they are largely polite.

I do pray for the world. Although I am officially an Orthodox Christian, I do enjoy enlightened law of attraction experts, such as Aaron Abke. God bless him.

God bless all of you who read my blog. I bless my family, friends, and enemies.


The reason we suffer from addictions is because we can not bear the present moment. We can not bear to sit with our pain.

But life is beautiful, regardless of whether you see it or not. There is joy to being alive. I am beginning to find hidden joy to my life. I find hidden joy in turning my friends online away from suicide. I find joy in doing good for others.

There is beauty in the world, even though we often don’t see it. There is beauty in meditating in one’s bedroom. There is beauty to be found in lying down and having a rest. There is beauty in sleep.

We should all practice gratitude meditations, to remember, that despite so much violence in the world, there is so much good. I remember a person on the bus pointed out to me that my bag had fallen off the seat. I was so grateful to him! If he hadn’t of told me, I wouldn’t of known that my bag had become an obstruction.

So please, to all my readers, stay alive! Life is beautiful, even if you or I don’t believe it. Think of the good things. Try to sit with your pain. Don’t run away from it. Journey into the present moment.

As the buddha once said ‘The root of all suffering is craving,’ as in ‘craving to satisfy an addiction.’ Once you are desireless, you can have peace. If that is not true, please leave your thoughts in the comments section. Just my opinion.