God bless you all

Even though I have saved up a bit of money on my disability support pension, I do worry that 1) Centrelink will cut the pension and 2) that I will have to pay a lot of money for something ie house repairs, so I worry I will become bankrupt one day.

My mum and dad look after me, so I have their support. I do give a little bit of money to charity and to people who need it, so they can pray my soul out of hell after I die.

I have been watching YouTube videos about purgatory, and found out that St Michael the archangel is in charge of purgatory. Even though I am not supposed to believe in purgatory, as I am Orthodox, I still want as many prayers as possible after I die, so that I might have a reduced sentence from Jesus at least.

My paypal is paypal.me/iakovoskriegor

Hope my blog is inspiring. If it is, please help me to support others. God bless you all.

Youth Crime

There has been an increase in the seriousness of youth crimes in Brisbane. More carjackings, more vandalism and burglary. I hope the government does something about the rising immorality amongst our teens.

It is all due to a lack of humility. Our politicians are not doing a good job. Our police force is not doing a good job. There is a lack of humility and respect worldwide, even in apparently civilised nations like Canada and Japan.

The world is getting worse, as it moves further and further away from Jesus and more into communism and atheism.

I hope I do not live to see the end.

Religious celebrities

We are all too quick to point out the flaws in others, while never making mention of our own.

Although I have not forgiven all my enemies, I still sometimes pray for them, when the grace of the Holy Spirit gives me some relief.

I read something on the news site that pops up when you open your browser. It said ’20 celebrities that are religious.’ It included Michelle Yeoh to Mohammed Ali to Richard Gere, they were the ones who at least had a faith.

But we often poke fun at celebrities when they commit immoral acts. I do myself, because I am full of vice myself.

When I condemn others, I condemn myself. When I hate evil in others, I am evil myself. When I despise ungodliness, I am ungodly myself.

Lord, help me.

On the end times

The universe is vast. I wish I lived in an era when we could explore the stars. Earth is so boring.

I always used to watch Star Trek and Stargate as a child. I don’t miss those shows. I miss the times when I wasn’t mentally ill. Oh well, guess that is the way the cookie crumbles.

I had my depot injection today. The doctor told me to look on the bright side of life.

But to be honest with you, on pertaining to the title, I couldn’t survive the reign of the anti-christ. Even had I received the mark, I’d probably be killed for being a sheer waste of space.

I am a coward. I actually have no virtue, but I call myself a Saint, because I can not cope with the outcome of my life. Yes, as my support worker says, I have no manliness. But I am so depressed, at least I haven’t committed suicide yet.

But I can not endure persecution. I’d just submit to the enemies of Christ. I personally am quite upset with Christ for giving me mental illness. Therefore I’d submit to the anti-christ, because I am too weak to cope with anything.

That is mental illness, oh world. I pray none of you reading this blog get schizophrenia.

On negligence

It is a lonely road. Very few people care about what I’m going through. I just hope my life doesn’t end by suicide.

Life is lonely. I can’t imagine what it is like for people in hospital. I do pray for those in psychiatric asylums. I pray for those returning to the community.

But, on negligence. I am very negligent. I barely do my household chores. After a day of going to the library, I am too tired to do the dishes.

I am negligent in my spirituality too. I don’t really pray from a prayer book. I just pray while lying down. Talk about neglect in my prayer life.

I wish I had energy. I wish I wasn’t depressed. But each social mistake makes me more regretful of what I’ve said.

See you.

In memorandum

Beautiful image from google image search. I chose this from the Halo franchise.

I thought of something different for this blog, since I had no topic.

The universe is big, very big. ‘The heavens reflect His glory.’ The glory of the infinite God.

Lord, punish us in this life, and not in the next!

In memory of the best version of me

I used to be thin. I used to be strong. But not anymore.

Now, I’m a lame version of me. RIP healthy and fit James. Hello chemically lobotomised James.

I saw my soul often, imagining it fly away, with the Holy Spirit. Nothing can fill a void which Christ left.

I feel very depressed today, as I was socially rejected on the weekend at a Russian and Greek Church.

It is very lonely.

I feel good tonight

I feel like leaping over the moon. I had a lot of ladies smile at me in the shopping mall today. Although I only talked to one of them, I felt bliss. Like, there is no separation between me and others. Like we are all one.

I can sort of fit law of attraction with my Christian beliefs. I love to love my neighbour as myself. I love to be patient. I love to be kind to others. Maybe I’m reaping the rewards of my kindness to others.

I often pray for others. I almost feel like I’m in heaven. But I assume this is only temporary. I am not a monastic.

I bless all of you.

Why I should always take my medication

I should take my meds as prescribed because I’m a sussy baka.

If I don’t take enough anti-depressants, I will go to horny jail. One of the benefits of most anti-depressants is limited chemical castration. So it is good for me.

Gosh, I only take half the dose of anti-depressants 2 days in a row and I feel like a disgusting puerile, horny teen boy!

Therefore meds have their benefits, so I don’t act like a sussy baka around women who serve me at the bubble tea place.

I think I was hallucinating too. A hot Asian woman was standing next to me at the bus stop, she takes a sip of water from her drink bottle, then she starts eating a banana! If only my mind wasn’t so sick, I’d think nothing of a banana!

I’m a sussy baka when not on my full dose of anti-depressants.

Turning the other cheek

In a secularized and ungodly workforce, Christians do need to stand up for themselves, unless they have obtained the mother of all virtues: humility. I will give you an explanation from the desert fathers.

A monk was in the desert. He had a small hut with a few small things. Thieves came upon him and beat him up. He prayed in the corner as they took his belongings. Then he noticed that they forgot a small flask that was left on the doorframe. So he ran after them, carrying the flask. not to ask them for his stuff back, but to say ‘hey! You forgot this!’ They were surprised by his humility and gave him his stuff back and became his disciples, saying ‘This truly is a man of God.’

This wouldn’t work for most people, as despite how much you mostly like to say it, most of you do still spit in the face of God. In fact, you mostly all spit in the face of God! The last Saint died back in the 19th century, when these holy miracles happened! So go on, stand up for yourself!

Enter hell with all humility, if only to get a reduced sentence from Jesus.